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Social media tools for Kickstarters.

10x your Kickstarter

by posting to relevant subreddits at the right time.

Save hours of time

by importing and scheduling your posts in advance.

Gain useful insights

into which subreddits and posts are most successful.

10x Your Audience

Promote your content to 430 million active monthly Redditors. (source)

Subreddit analysis recommendations

Not all subreddits are the same. With Subreddit Analysis you can discover the best times to post to each subreddit. Postpone will also show handy information like common titles.

Subreddit recommendation.

Schedule Reddit posts

Schedule all of your Reddit posts in advance. Our Reddit auto posting bot will submit your posts when users are online and engaged, even while you're asleep.

Schedule Reddit posts.

Automate messaging

Grow your following and direct fans to your other websites by automatically messaging when they comment on your posts or send you a message.

Atuomate messaging on social media.

Schedule comments

Link posts are concise, but don't give you a chance to add context to your post. Include a comment with your Reddit posts and Postpone will submit it immediately after the post is submitted.

Schedule social media comments.

Save Hours of Time

Spend minutes, not hours, promoting your content on Reddit.

Post Templates

Post templates.

Schedule similar posts from an account to a group of subreddits. Postpone will save you time by pre-filling fields like author, title, subreddits, flair, and more.

Bulk import posts

Bulk import.

If you have lots of posts to schedule then it may be easier to manage them in Excel. Postpone lets you import and schedule lots of posts at once, simply by uploading a spreadsheet.

Auto-remove posts

Auto-remote posts.

Did a post not perform well? No sweat! With Postpone you can automatically remove underperforming posts hours or days after submission. You can even configure posts to only be removed if they do not meet a minimum karma threshold.

Imgur image upload

Imgur image upload.

Link your Imgur account to schedule posts with your images and upload new images to Imgur.Submitted an image to Reddit already? Then generate fresh Imgur links without leaving Postpone.

Gain Useful Insights

Learn which subreddits, images, videos, links are performing best on Reddit.

Track post performance

View the upvotes and comments on your Reddit posts over time to see how your posts are performing.

Subreddit manager

Postpone's one-stop spot for information about the subreddits you're tracking. View subreddit descriptions, rules, and suggested post times. Plus you can view your scheduled posts, submitted posts, and post analytics for the subreddit.

Top links

Find out which links, images, blog posts, and more result in the highest engagement on Reddit.

Top subreddits

Discover the subreddits where your content performs the best so you can make informed decisons on which subreddits to focus on.

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