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Schedule and auto-publish your Tumblr posts with ease

Meet the #1 Tumblr scheduler for content creators. Schedule and automatically publish Tumblr posts exactly when your audience is online, organize your content, measure performance, and grow your following.

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Tumblr post scheduler.

Auto publish to Tumblr

Use the visual planner to schedule and plan your entire Tumblr strategy.

Save hours of time

Schedule your Tumblr blog posts in advance from any connected Tumblr blog.

Gain useful insights

Learn the best time to post and measure and iterate the performance of your content.

Grow Your Audience on Tumblr

Engage with millions of users on Tumblr and grow your audience.

Schedule Tumblr Posts in Advance

Schedule your Tumblr posts in advance so that they're submitted when your audience is online.

Format your posts just like on Tumblr, with titles, text, links, quotes, images, and videos.

Postpone will handle submitting your Tumblr posts at the date and time of your choosing.

Schedule Tumblr posts.

Tag Manager

Save and reuse sets of tags across your posts, saving you time and ensuring you're using the best tags for your content.

Tag manager for Tumblr.

The Tumblr Scheduler for Content Creators

Postpone is the ultimate Tumblr scheduling tool built specifically for image and video creators like you. Get all the features you need to manage and auto publish your content to Tumblr.

Upload and organize your content

Content library.

Upload your images, videos, and GIFs to the Content Library from your computer or from storage providers like Google Photos, then organize content using labels.

Crop, rotate, and enhance images

Image editor.

Perform edits on your images, including crop, rotate, flip, enhance, and blur, or stand out by applying an image filter.

Protect your content with watermarks

Image watermarks.

Watermark your images in Postpone to protect your content from unauthorized use and ensure your images remain attributed to you.

Private by design

Image privacy.

Prefer some privacy? Use our auto-blur faces feature to blur your face in images. Postpone will also automatically strip geolocation metadata from images before submitting to social media platforms, keeping you safe and secure.

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