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We help creators connect with their audience.

Postpone is a social media scheduling tool on a mission to help creators, agencies, and businesses grow their audience and connect with their fans on social media.

Who is Postpone?

Postpone was created by Grant McConnaughey in Wisconsin, USA.

Postpone founder Grant McConnaughey sitting at a desk and smiling.

The Story (so far)

Postpone was created in 2020 as a pandemic hobby while Grant worked full-time at Zapier.

The idea was simple: Reddit is a massively popular social media site with over 100 million monthly users and millions of creators, yet it was unsupported by existing social media scheduler and analytics apps.

Postpone was created to solve this problem by giving content creators a way to grow their audience on Reddit.

In the early days, this primarily involved scheduling Reddit posts to all of their favorite communities at times when those communities were online and engaged. It also provided creators with the tools they needed to uncover their best-performing posts and content, enabling them to further grow their audience.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, Postpone continued to receive regular updates, albeit always as a side project and always focused on Reddit. Then, in late 2022, Postpone received seed funding from TinySeed, a SaaS accelerator for bootstrapped startups. This funding allowed Grant to leave Zapier and go all-in on Postpone.

In 2023, Postpone’s growth exploded, adding support for seven additional social media platforms, along with core new tools and features like the Content Library, the AI Assistant, the Social Inbox, and much more.

We’ve accomplished a lot in only a few short years, but the best is yet to come.


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