Social Media Content Creation in 2024 — Your Questions Answered!

Calling all social media content creators! You've got questions about the latest best practices, trends, and platforms, and we've got the answers. Here are our top strategies and tools that’ll help you elevate your social media content creation game in 2024. 🌟

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It should come as no surprise that standing out on social media in 2024 isn’t just about hopping onto the latest trends — it’s about pioneering them. With every creator and their dog fighting for attention, even powerhouses like MrBeast are testing thumbnails, storytelling lengths and formats, and new-ish platforms (RIP Twitter, hello X)

Whether you’re a new content creator aspiring to quit your day job, a social media content creation agency, or a freelancer offering social media content creation services, you probably have questions about how to rise above the noise in 2024. Luckily, we’ve got answers. 

What Are The Newest Social Media Platforms?

If you’re struggling to break through the clutter on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, it might be time to explore these alternatives. Here's a rundown of some new faces on the social media scene:

  • Bluesky: Spearheaded by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Bluesky is an alternative to X (formerly Twitter) that promises less censorship, more freedom. Users enjoy a decentralized protocol that gives them more control over their social media experience. 
  • Mastodon: This open-source platform is gaining traction as a privacy-focused alternative to X. Its community-driven, federated approach allows users to join different "instances" or servers tailored to specific interests and rules.
  • Threads (by Instagram): Instagram’s attempt to launch a direct competitor to X is paying off — since December, Threads boasts more daily active users in the US. Even the queen of pop herself, Taylor Swift, made an appearance on the platform in early April to promote her new album. 
  • Lemon8: Picture the vibrant visuals of Instagram meeting the curated charm of Pinterest, and you get Lemon8. It’s the new go-to for lifestyle aficionados who aren’t just looking to scroll but engage, create, and inspire around personal passions and hobbies.
Source: Mastodon

How Do You Repurpose Social Content?

If you’re still not repurposing and reposting your social content across platforms, I’ve got some bad news: you’re leaving money on the table. When it comes to social media content creation, you want to work smarter, not harder — cross-posting not only amplifies your content’s reach and lifespan, but also means you can ease up your production schedule. 

That said, nothing screams amateur hour like slapping a one-size-fits-all video across all platforms because, let’s be honest: we’re all a bit tired of seeing those stretched-out 16:9 videos lazily cross-posted to Instagram. If you're serious about your content, you need to respect the norms of each platform. This means:

  • Reformatting your content: Think square for Instagram feed posts, landscape for Facebook, and portrait for Pinterest, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels — you get it. Adjust your content lengths as well; nobody wants to sit through a lecture when they’re expecting something short and snappy (unless, of course, your content is so irresistible that viewers can't help but hang on). 
  • Tailoring your message: There’s a reason Duolingo posts mildly threatening (with a bit of twerking) videos on TikTok and sticks to “​​Happy Owl-idays!” posts on Facebook. Each platform has its own vibe and audience, and nailing that can mean the difference between blending in and blowing up.
  • Optimizing your hashtags and metadata. Different platforms favor different tagging strategies. For Instagram, use a mix of trending and niche-specific tags to cast a wide yet targeted net. Meanwhile, on YouTube, focus on integrating keywords into your video title and description for better SEO. Finally, X and TikTok benefit from trending tags that change frequently, so staying current with your research here can help increase visibility.

Source: Duolingo (TikTok)

What Are Some New Monetization Opportunities for Social Media Creators in 2024?

As a social media content creator in 2024, you've got more ways than ever to turn your content into cash. Here are some of our favorite monetization opportunities for social media creators. 

TikTok’s Creator Rewards Program

In March 2024, TikTok officially launched its Creator Rewards Program. This program is about rewarding the bold and the original, especially those pushing the envelope with videos longer than a minute. It's not just about the views anymore; TikTok’s dialed-up monetization formula zeros in on originality, how long viewers stick around, how they interact, and how well content matches trending searches. If you're crafting content that grips viewers and taps into the zeitgeist, you're in for a win.

Want in? Make sure you have at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 views over the past month. 

Pinterest Creator Inclusion Fund

This fund targets underrepresented creators, offering financial grants and hands-on support to help them grow their presence and impact on the platform. It’s a fantastic resource if you're looking to expand your reach in a community-focused way.

Tumblr Tips

Tumblr's tipping feature allows your followers to send financial kudos directly to you for your posts. This under-the-radar feature is a fantastic way to earn extra cash and deepen connections with your audience on a platform celebrated for its eclectic and artistic content.

Instagram Subscriptions

Introduce a subscription model on your Instagram to start enjoying a consistent income. Pack it with exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks, VIP-only content, or some sweet subscriber perks. Make your followers feel like insiders, and they'll keep hitting that subscribe button for their regular fix of your unique offerings.

Instagram Live Badges

Whether you’re a mukbang maestro chowing down or a gamer streaming an epic showdown, Instagram Live offers interactive badges for your followers to show you some love. It’s a great way to get paid for content you’re already creating. 

Source: Meta

What’s The Best Way to Measure Social Media Engagement in 2024?

Likes, comments, and shares are the usual suspects when it comes to measuring social media engagement, but if you're serious about making waves with your content, it’s time to dig deeper. Fine-tuning your strategy based on deeper analytics isn't just smart — it's essential for keeping your content fresh and your audience hooked.

Assess the impact of your content by monitoring your: 

  • Audience feedback: Engagement is more than just numbers. If your audience is disconnecting or begging for something new, that's your cue to pivot. 
  • Drop-off rates: High drop-off rates are a wake-up call that something’s amiss. You might grab their attention early, but if your content doesn’t hold up, viewers will check out. Pro tip: Sprinkle in cliffhangers like “'stick around to the end for the grand reveal” to keep viewers glued to their screens. 
  • Interaction types: Who's sharing your posts, saving them for later, or clicking through to your site? These interactions are the heavy hitters that suggest your content isn’t just being seen but actually making an impact.

What Are The Top New Content Creation Tools for Social Media?

Just like how posting the “look between X and Y on your keyboard” meme today will get you eye-rolls instead of laughs, sticking to the same old content creation tools for social media can quickly leave you in the digital dust. 

Don't be the last one to catch on. Here's the lowdown on some of the must-try tools hitting the scene that’ll save you time, mental energy, and money. 

Next-gen social media schedulers with analytics 

Forget about those clunky, old-school social media content schedulers that are more about keeping a calendar than optimizing engagement. The new wave of content creation tools for social media is all about letting data do the heavy lifting. 

Take Postpone, for example, which analyzes when your audience is most active, nudging your strategy from “best posting time” guesswork to science. Pinning down when your audience is most likely to engage can transform your post from a dud to a viral hit. Beyond timing, Postpone also provides actionable insights into content performance, helping you refine your messages and optimize future posts for even better results.

Dynamic visual content tools

Ready to make your visuals pop off the screen? The latest arsenal of content creation tools for social media, like CapCut, revolutionizes video editing for quick TikToks, detailed YouTube tutorials, and everything in between. These video editors offer features like seamless frame-by-frame slicing and dynamic effects to keep viewers hooked. 

Meanwhile, Adobe Express and Pixlr are saving creators tremendous time and headaches. These platforms aren’t just about adding filters — they bring a suite of AI-driven design tweaks and auto-enhancements that turn average shots into eye-catching visuals. From crafting thumbnails that stand out in a crowded feed to designing Instagram stories that capture and hold attention, these content creation tools for social media make every pixel count. 

AI-powered copywriting tools

Hate the pressure of empty text fields? Or maybe you’re aware that your posts are coming across as generic/corny/desperate/boring but don’t know how to take them up a notch? You’re not alone — social media content creation requires a lot of creative juice. 

Luckily, every major software suite, from Grammarly to Google Docs to Canva, now offers generative AI tools that promise to curb writer’s block. However, they’re not all cut from the same cloth; the key is choosing one that’s finely tuned for social media, like Postpone's AI Assistant

Whether you need help with crafting a Reddit title or drafting a post on X, Postpone’s AI Assistant saves you time while maximizing engagement. Unlock the full potential of your social media strategy today, and watch your content start conversations and build connections like never before.

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